Best Smart Speakers To Buy In India In 2019

2019 is another major year in the world of tech. Smart speakers have been catching the imagination of the general audience for quite some time now.

Big tech companies like Google, Amazon and Apple are betting big on the segment. As AI advances further, the better the assistants on these Smart Speakers will become.

At the moment Google seems to have the advantage with Google Assistant. The voice-powered assistant is generations ahead of its competitor. With Google Duplex you can ask your assistant to book hotels and reservations for you. And Pixel devices offer you the option of letting your incoming voice call be received by the Assistant. How cool is that!

But that said, Amazon Alexa is not far behind and Amazon Echo is a great product. Samsung is pushing its own assistant Bixby at the moment. And as we move forward we might expect to have an assistant offered by almost every tech company. Be it Facebook or Netflix.

If you are one of those people you like to be on the top of the trend and want a wireless speaker that can’t only stream music but can also help you with your mundane tasks and fact checks, then you might wanna consider gifting yourself a smart speaker in 2019.

Lucky for us the consumers that it is not 2016 anymore. And we have a lot of options to choose from. Be it solid sound quality speakers from Sonos or the smart speaker to go with your Apple Ecosystem. Today, we have enough options and range in the smart speakers to cover your need.

We break down the five best smart speakers that you can buy in 2019 depending on your needs and preferences.

Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon Echo powered by Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa was one of the first smart speakers that sounded and felt smart. Alexa understands and hears you, no matter how far you in the room and how loud is the music.

Smart Speaker Amazon Echo

One of the best things about Alexa powered smart speakers is Alexa’s skills. All you need to do is add the required Alexa skill from the Alexa app on your smartphone. These Alexa skills give you a lot more diversity with the product. For example, if you can ask Alexa to book an Ola for you. Or command your Amazon Echo to order food from Zomato. These everyday tasks are easily automated thanks to various Alexa’s skills.

If you already own an Alexa device, do check out this huge ever growing library of Alexa skills and you will find some hidden gems.

Amazon Echo offers you the goodness of Alexa packaged with a decent sounding speaker in a great form factor. The Echo is designed to go with all types of interior aesthetics. You don’t have to worry about a Can shaped anomaly running your precious home aura.

Echo allows you to control smart devices in your home be it smart bulbs or appliances that support Alexa. So, you can ask Echo to turn on the Air Conditioner or dim the lights.

The audio quality of the Amazon Echo won’t disappoint either. It comes with 360° omnidirectional audio and delivers dynamic bass but not something that Rs 10,000 can not. I would not recommend this speaker if you are looking forward to enjoying some great music with high hopes on the audio quality.

Amazon allows you to stream music from various streaming platforms. And it. of course, supports Amazon music. So if you have Amazon Prime you are good to go.

Sonos One Smart Speaker

Sonos One is the best sounding smart speakers on the market. Apple Homepod might being the close second. Sonos is well known for its wireless home audio speakers.

When you are buying a premium speaker from brands like Sonos you can expect the best and you should. Sonos One doesn’t disappoint you on any front.

buy sonos speaker

Sonos One supports Alexa and Airplay 2. One of the very few speakers to do that. So, if you own Apple’s Homepod you can use Sonos One as a part of Multi Room music and it works in sync with other Sonos wireless speakers.

Currently you can use Alexa and Siri to control the Sonos One already making it the most versatile smart speaker on the market. But the Sonos team is taking it further by adding the support of Google Assistant. The update is likely to roll out later this year.

If you are having trouble configuring your Sonos One for Amazon Alexa or Airplay 2 you can check the guide here.

Sonos One offers you great build quality with solid bass. Although the speaker is designed for the home audio, it is portable enough for your roof parties provided you can find a power outlet.

One of the major and probably the only drawback is that you don’t get Bluetooth with Sonos One. So, you won’t be able to pair your smartphone or PC with this speaker.