FDY Wall Mounted Bluetooth Speaker Review

FDY Bluetooth Speaker
  • Sound Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
Pros:  • Offers you a host of options • Great price point
Cons:  • The build quality • Sound quality is sub-par

Dedicated App Control.  Bluetooth 4.0. In-Built FM

fdy bluetooth speaker review

There is a dozen of Bluetooth speakers on the market. Choosing the right speaker that suits your needs might be a daunting task. Whether you are looking for a smart speaker or a speaker for music? The price that you are willing to pay is mostly the deciding factor.

FDY’s Wall Mounted Bluetooth speaker offers you the luxury of enjoying music by your bedside or by your study table. You don’t have to worry about the making extra room for the speaker as it can be mounted on a wall, all you need is a nearby AC power outlet. This speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and offers a great range of connectivity.

Sound Quality

In our testing, we were able to test the Bluetooth connection from 20m away and we didn’t notice any dip in the audio quality. Considering the price point of the speaker, it doesn’t offer you the best sound but it does provide decent audio experience at the price point of under Rs 4,000.

The bass is not the strongest and the speaker struggles at higher volume. The sound distorts as you increase the volume over a certain limit in our experience above 90%. However, it is loud enough for home audio. If you looking for a multi-room setup with one speaker in each room and you can’t afford Sonos, then this is the option to go for.

At just 15 Watts and 85 Db sensitivity, the speaker fails to wow you with its music play capacity. It struggles with instrument separation and the frequency response sounds flat. We recommend tweaking the EQ setting until you need the desired sound as per your preference.

Build Quality

The speaker doesn’t offer you premium materials. It does use cheap plastics but since it is not something that you carry around like your phone you won’t complain much. The speaker is built to last as long as you keep it away from water and won’t fry the circuits with high voltage.

Most of the portable Bluetooth speakers come with an in-built rechargeable battery but this one doesn’t. You will need to have it plugged through a 6v power adapter that comes in the box, whenever you want to enjoy some music. So, yes that is a downer if you live someplace that faces frequent power outages. But if you are from a major city that this should not be a problem. You just plug this once and forget.

The speaker’s sleek design is a plus point. It blends nicely with your room. At just 4.5 cm thickness, the speaker does offer you an aesthetic look.

fdy smart speaker

Input Options

Considering it is a Bluetooth Speaker, it comes with Bluetooth 4.0. So, if your phone supports Bluetooth 4.0, which most of the smartphones nowadays do, you will be able to stream music through your phone or tablets. Yes, it works with both IOS and Android devices.

The speaker comes with a dedicated App from FDY that helps you tweak speaker settings like the EQ, and is easy to set up. The app allows you to stream music natively but we don’t recommend that.  Use your own music app. Just make sure that your phone is connected to the speaker via the Bluetooth.

FDY Wall Mounted Bluetooth speaker comes with in-built FM. So, if you are a kind of person who enjoys the radio then it doesn’t disappoint you. The speaker also supports USB drive. You can play your favourite playlists that you had once stored on a USB flash drive a few millennia ago.


This Bluetooth speaker offers you great connectivity and range of input options. However, it does compromise on the sound and build quality. It is a recommended product if you are low on budget and are looking for something like this. A speaker to mount on your wall.

FDY Wall Mounted Speaker


Sound Quality


Build Quality


Bluetooth Connectivity


Value for Money



  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sleek Design
  • Dedicated App
  • USB and In-built FM


  • Sub par Build quality
  • Poor Sensitivity
  • Sound Distortion at High Volume
  • No In-built battery