boAt Stone 200 Bluetooth Speaker Review

BoAt Stone 200
  • Sound Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
Pros: Great build quality with decent battery life at an amazing price point.
Cons: Sound quality could have been better. Mic repose sub-par.

Bluetooth 4.1. 3W. 1500 mAH Battery

boat stone speaker review

boAt has dominated speaker budget segment for quite some time now. boAt is an Indian company that started with just two founding members and now has over fifty people. boAt stone 200 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with a 1500 mAH battery that lasts around 10 hours and a sturdy design for outdoor parties and trekking.

Bluetooth Connectivity

boAt stone 200 comes with Bluetooth 4.1. It connects seamlessly with your Android and IOS devices. The connection doesn’t drop if you happen to take a walk or visit a nearby room. However, it does have a limited range. So, avoid distances more than 10 meters to retain decent audio quality.

In case you don’t find the Bluetooth up to the mark. Boat stone 200 comes with aux support. All you will need is an aux cable which unfortunately doesn’t come in the box. The speaker uses smart power management to avoid paired phone’s battery drain over the Bluetooth connection. The speaker packs Advance Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP V1.2)  which ensure in theory that the streaming music quality will be top notch.

Sound Quality

When you are paying just Rs 2,000 you should not expect the best audio and music quality. The speaker does suffer from a low-frequency response as the rated range is 180hz to 20Khz. So, you do miss on the lows in the music. However, it tries to make up for that with a bass boost using drivers. This is not the ideal solution as in some songs you will find that all you can hear is the bass.

It does offer a punch in the bass but that depends on what kind of music you are listening to. You can go loud with this portable speaker and it does hold up the quality up to 90% volume. After which you can hear the noticeable distortions and some weird beep sound.

You don’t want t play music on this one when the battery is low. As you will hear a constant warning beep along with the playback. Not an ideal way to enjoy some melody on a summer afternoon.

Speakers are powered by 3w drivers, not the best in the industry but enough to deliver okay performance and loudness that you can hear from 10s of feet away.

boat stone 200 review

Build Quality

boAt stone 200 might not offer the best sound or music experience. But it does give you a sturdy build that will last you years. It is probably the lithium-ion battery that will give up first before anything else happens to the speakers.

It comes with IP rating for water resistance. So, if you are a fan of rain parties this is the product for you. You won’t be disappointed with the build materials. But if you are someone who likes sophisticated stuff then you should look elsewhere.  boAt stone 200 is built to be taken on the road with you. Whether you are planning a trip with your friends or are looking for a trekking challenge with your colleagues. You don’t want to risk some 10,000 or 20,000 speakers on that trip unless you have the money to spare.

boAT stone 200 is made for a specific market. Millennials who are looking for adventure and enjoy having some music while they climb a mountain during Monsoon. Well, that might be a bit of exaggeration but it paints a picture for the kind of people that are going to love this product.


The Bluetooth speaker does come with an in-built mic to enable you hands-free mode. And a dedicated app to adjust the speaker settings. The mic is sub-par and doesn’t have enough range. You might want to avoid using the mic in a noisy environment as it doesn’t have a noise filter.

That said if you are looking for a speaker to take on your next hiking. This is it. It offers you decent sound in an incredible build at a great. price.



BoAt Stone 200 Portable Speaker

Rs 1,299

Sound Quality


Build Quality


Bluetooth Connectivity


Value for Money



  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Great Battery life
  • Build Quality
  • Descent Bass


  • Low Frequency Response
  • Sound Distortion at High Volume
  • Mic Quality