boAt Stone 1000 Speaker Review

BoAt Stone 1000 Speaker
  • Sound Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
Pros: Auto sleeps when Bluetooth is disconnected. Loud with good bass.
Cons: The volume resets when you switch off the product.

Bluetooth 4.0. 14 W. 10 hours battery. 

boat stone 1000 bluetooth speakers review

BoAt Stone 1000 is a 14 W Bluetooth speaker that packs a sturdy sound in a great form factor. Although this Bluetooth speaker advertises to be a portable speaker, you will find it hard to carry around a 1.5 kg speaker while you go bag packing or hiking. There are lighter speakers available for that.

That said if you are planning to have a house party or a picnic, then this is the budget speaker to consider. Boat Stone 1000 offers Bluetooth 4.0 and aux cable support to stream music from your Andriod or IOS devices. In our testing, we faced some issues with the Bluetooth but simple troubleshooting solved the issue.

Sound Quality

Boat Stone 1000 is an under Rs 5,000 speaker and it delivers for its price point. The speaker gets loud enough to fill a party with rock music. However, we don’t recommend cranking the speaker all the way up to 100 volume as the sound does distort at higher volume levels.

Boat promises great bass with this Bluetooth speaker and if you are not expecting the sky then you should be fine. This speaker doesn’t have the best bass but then again the price point makes it a good deal. And it offers you a lot for what it is worth.

boat stone 1000 sound quality

Build Quality

BoAt has delivered some amazing speakers over the last few years with great build quality. Boat Stone 1000 is a clunky and heavy speaker but it is built to last. It comes with a well built and a necessary handle.

The speaker has onboard controls on the side that allow you to play/pause, skip track and control volume. However, we found these buttons to be clumsy, you need to press these hard enough which was a downer. Anyways most of the time you will be controlling your Bluetooth speaker via a smartphone, so this should not be a problem

The 3000mAh battery is claimed to last 10 hours at 80 per cent volume. We got close to this figure at 7.5 hours however we had set the volume to little over 50 per cent. The battery takes over 4 hours to charge and supports fast charging.

The speaker comes with a one year warranty and people have been complaining online that BoAt doesn’t provide minimum support beyond the one year period.

Boat Stone 1000 claims to be water and shock resistant. But in reality, it is just splash resistant. So, don’t just go diving with this one in case you were planning to.

Final Words

This speaker is for outdoor parties and is a great budget option. I won’t recommend this however as your trip partner. The speaker is well built and is great value for its price. If you were planning on buying this for home use it won’t disappoint you either. Just set your expectations as per the price and you shall be fine.

Rs 3,000

Sound Quality


Build Quality


Bluetooth Connectivity


Value for Money



  • Crisp and Clear Sound
  • Splashproof and Shockproof
  • Good Battery life
  • Build Quality


  • Heavy
  • Uneven Bluetooth connection
  • Sound Distortion at high volume