Acoosta Uno Bluetooth Speaker Review

Acoosta Uno
  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Value For Money
Pros: 14000+ Bollywood and Hollywood songs. Karaoke enabled and supports aux, USB and FM.
Cons: The speaker is a bit heavy for portability. Speaker can be glitchy while playing the in-built songs

Sony DAAC.   2000W PMPO.  Karaoke Enabled

acoosta uno review

Acoosta Uno is a product of its own niche. Thanks to Sony DADC, this Bluetooth home speaker comes with more than 14,000 pre-loaded songs from more than 1000 artists. Whether you are Metallica, Lady Gaga, Arjit Singh or Sunidhi Chauhan’s fan you won’t be disappointed.

It gives you a remote to allow you to change songs and adjust settings without a hassle. Acoosta Uno is a beautiful looking speaker at a competitive price and it offers you numerous input support ranging from Bluetooth, USB, Aux to FM and steaming.

Acoosta Uno Sound Quality

The speaker boasts a large library of songs that you can play without worrying about internet connection or Bluetooth draining your phone’s battery. However, it can be an annoyance to have smooth songs playback. Often times the speaker will run into glitches and you need to hard reset the speaker by powering down.

Streaming music through Bluetooth or Aux cable is a smooth affair and you will find the sound to be loud enough to fill a house party thanks to 2000 PMPO speakers.

The spec sheet mentions the range as 40Hz to 20kHz which is pretty close to the human hearing range. But the speaker struggles at lows and in some songs you might find that the bass is little off and maybe not enough.

Acoosta Uno does get loud and you won’t be complaining about not having enough sound to get the party going.

The sound doesn’t distort much as you increase volume but at near maximum volume, you might notice unpleasant distortions. You will hardly find yourself in a position where you will need that kind of volume. But if you are the kind of person who enjoys his music too loud then you might wanna go for the expensive options like this one.

Design and Build Quality

Acoosta Uno is a beautiful looking speaker there is no doubt about that. The colour scheme. Blue, grey and black blend in nicely to give you an appealing aesthetic look.

The speaker comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that will last you a few hours on low to mid volume levels. That is an added bonus in case you are planning to take the music to your rooftop or backyard. But since it weighs over 2 kilograms it is not the kind of portable speaker that you should take on a road trip.

acoosta uno buttons

The speaker comes in two colours Black and Grey. It is the colour of front grills which is the differentiator. The rest of the speaker is black in both the variants.   The speaker has all the necessary buttons on the top along with a clickable dial to adjust the volume.

Although you don’t get an app to control the speaker, the remote is pretty functional and you will hardly find yourself tinkering with the onboard controls.

Acoosta Uno Features

Acoosta Uno not only packs Sony DADC enabled 14,000+ songs it also comes with Karaoke support for you to enjoy the fun sing-along evenings along with recording the same if you so desire.   The speaker can play your favourite FM stations but that needs the FM antenna to be plugged in.  The required antenna comes in the box.

Navigating the huge list of onboard songs can at times be a bit frustrating. Acoosta provides a search feature to address the problem and help you find that one song when you are in the mood.

The speaker supports reverse charging. So, in case you decide to take this for camping and are running out of juice on your phone or iPad. Acoosta Uno can be of help. Just plug in the phone to its USB port, put on some music, lay back and relax.

acoosta uno karaoke set

Final Words

Accosta Uno is a unique product and offers great value for money. It is loaded with features that work most of the time. If you don’t have the fortune to spare for your home audio and are looking for a product as versatile as Acoosta Uno then this is it.

The chances are it will years before you run out of the onboard music that plays without any internet connection. It would have been great if that list updated once in a while via software update but that is asking too much. In case you want to play the latest hits, it gives you the option to stream directly from your phone, tv, tablet basically anything that supports Bluetooth.

In case you are not a big fan of the Bluetooth technology then it does have the FM and Aux support for you.

Acoosta Uno is a solidly built speaker with very few flaws and decent sound quality.

Acoosta Uno

Rs 10,000

Sound Quality


Build Quality




Value for Money



  • Multiple Input Support
  • Karaoke Enabled
  • Huge Library of in-built songs
  • Reverse Charging Support


  • In built songs can be glitchy
  • Heavy for Portabilty
  • Tiny onboard screen